Private Tour - July 2015

Dino, and his organization, The Nurburgring Experience, made a dream come through for me and took a few items off my bucket list.

Dino planned and delivered on an incredible 5 day experience for myself and 7 other Canadian Executives. Eight wonderful exotic cars, a day at Spa Francorchamps, a high speed tour through the Mosel Valley & Efiel Mountains, and then the experience of a lifetime lapping the Nurburgring. All of this while staying in the finest hotels and dining on local cuisine.

Dino was a gentleman and a professional. He even let me pass him once :)

I highly recommend Dino and the Nurburgring Experience.

Derek Cullen
Ontario, Canada

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour - May 2015

I wanted to thank you for a great time at the Nurburgring, both in the smooth and for me painless trip logistics, and the time while out there.

Going with you and a few other "first timers" made it a very pleasurable trip, I would happily recommend your trips to anyone.

It was an added bonus that you were kind enough to take me on a first lap of the ring to get an idea of the circuit. What a place!

I also enjoyed the social elements of the trip, and the nice way you were happy to adapt the agenda to suit the needs and mood of your clients.

Nice job!

Frank & Tom Wales
Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour - Oct 2014

It was a pleasure to meet so many like minded people, the whole weekend was a great success even though the weather prevented a few more laps on the Sunday.

Huge thanks to Dino & The Nurburgring Experience for a well organised tour, communication & organisation throughout the whole weekend was excellent.

Will definitely be aiming to do another trip with The Nurburgring Experience next year, possibly Spa/4 Nations Tour.

Many thanks,

Richard Board
BMW E93 M3

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – July 2014

Just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself and Joe. We had the best time EVER!!!!!!!!!

I think that's probably the best thing we've ever done. It was such a great group of people and we feel sad every time we get in the car now that were not part of a convoy haha :-)

Thank you so much for arranging such an amazing trip!! We are definitely going to come again once I have passed my test and am a more experienced driver so I can have a go myself and scare the hell out of Joe to get my own back hahahahaha

Thanks again!!

Charity & Joe
BMW 318iS

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – May 2014

I just want to say a massive thank you for the AMAZING time we had during our Nurburgring Tour, we spent 4 days grinning from ear to ear and so pleased the trip was booked through you guys as you had every aspect covered making the most of the track, facilities and surrounding areas.

Hope to see you at the track day and fingers crossed on another trip somewhere!

Thanks again

Karl Prismall
Subaru Impreza STi

The Alpine Run - July 2013

Just felt obliged to say -that the Alpine Run was Bloody Awesome! It will no doubt be remembered by all who participated for many years to come (I'm sure there must be a few framed speeding tickets out there as mementos!)

This is the fourth time I've been away on one of your tours and it is a fact - you make it look easy!! When the inevitable small problem raises its head – it's immediately sorted.

Great mix of people who all make allowances for different age groups and vehicles, legendary destinations, jaw dropping scenery, the noise of a dozen snarling M3's bouncing back off the mountains and that epic Chateau we stayed at etc. etc. --- just fantastic well done chaps!

Best regards to your team

Roger North
Mercedes SLK320

The Alpine Run - July 2013

Another year and another fantastic European road trip with The Nurburgring Experience and for 2013, the ‘Alpine Run' combined some of the greatest mountain passes with the most spectacular views you will likely ever see. Hats off to Dino and his team for the meticulous planning and faultless delivery of this trip. A truly epic adventure and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings.

David Carter
BMW M3 Competition

The Alpine Run - July 2013

I attended the 2013 Alpine Run. It was a fantastic event and I can't wait for the next trip that the Nurburgring Experience guys organise. I will be at the front of the queue with my cash to book. Dino and his team put on a great trip with some fantastic roads and a good selection of hotels. Myself and my wife had a fantastic time. The tour was superbly managed and the routes were great. Dino - memories for life - I salute you!

Neil McRae
BMW F10 M5

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – April 2012

Great trip – thank you very much!

Very tempted by a trip next year for a Nurburgring trackday – will work on the Mrs for another pass and let you know!

Thanks again

Steve Luckhurst
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Nurburgring Experience & Spa Francorchamps Car/Trackday Package – May 2012

Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed everything. For a total novice it really was incredible to be able to experience both the Nurburgring and the Spa Francorchamps circuit. As terrifying as it was I think it has truly fuelled an interest, I just can't wait for my next track day! If you have any suggestions on tracks I should try for learning I would be very grateful, but thanks again for organising everything and I hope to see you all again soon.

Stephi Contomichalos
BMW Z4 Coupe/Lotus Exige S

Nurburgring Experience ‘4 Nations Tour' May 2012

Awesome 4 Nations Tour, great roads, great driving, fantastic trip to the Ring and Spa was like nothing I was expecting.

Well organised, great hotel at Spa (more like that please) loved Cologne too ;)

Can't wait for the next one!

Alex Parkinson
Subaru RB5
Barnet, Herts

The Riviera Run – June 2012

Once again Dino and The Nurburgring Experience have excelled with the Riviera Run. Well organised, great accommodation and absolutely fantastic roads. Highly recommended!

Roll on 2013!

David Carter
Porsche 911 Turbo

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour & Trackday – June 2012

Just shy of 1000 miles driven in 4 days, ticked off the Nurburgring from my list! Many many thanks to The Nurburgring Experience for an amazing Organised Tour and the amazing Trackday that followed.....got the next trip already planned!

Philip Vassou
BMW 130i M Sport

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

What an absolutely fantastic tour it was!. I could not recommend it highly enough!, a massive thanks to The Nurburgring Experience for putting together a well organised tour.

As already stated the trip wouldn't have been half it was without the great bunch of lads that came along, who all had exceptional driving skills on road and track!

Dino, thanks again…looking forward to the next tour!!

Tanish Desai
BMW e46 M3 Convertible

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

Echo comments by others on the tour, what a fantastic trip. Great organisation by Dino & The Nurburgring Experience, highlight for me was the rather fast hill climbs and the Trackday at Spa.

Sailen Rampuria
BMW e36 M3 Evo Convertible

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

This was the best thing I have ever done with my M3, and I have done a lot! And as there was no Jap or Porsche cars (!), and no one broke down! Trip went very smoothly, other than the fact that we had to deal with Kim running out of fuel all the time haha!

For me this trip was all about the Black Forest and Grand Ballon, amazing roads, loved it.

Baris ‘XKaLiBar' Sahan
BMW e46 M3

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

Guys, I've had a great time with you all. Even though I did not drive, the trip was just awesome! And as everyone said, it's the people that made it!

Dino...you will be very much recommended by me...the trip was just epic! Baris/Dino...I will be forever great full for the ring taxi tickets!! I can't even explain what a thrill that was!!

Wafik Rozeik
BMW e92 M3 DCT (co-pilot)

Nurburgring UK – 4 Nations Tour

Thanks again for all the work you put in to get the tour going it couldn't have been easy. It's already been described among our circle as "Epic"

Your relaxed approach and flexibility are a testament to your company, and will keep us coming back for a long time yet.

All eyes on next year now, for the Alps or Riviera, good luck with raising the very high bar!

All the people from this year have already signed up again with a few more waiting in the wings.

Paul Smith
BMW e60 M5

Nurburgring Experience 4 Nations Tour

Once again I have had a fantastic trip away with your company, the 4 Nations Tour was a hoot and definitely an inspiring trip - my son Ollie was blown away with it and all the guys helped make this one trip I'm sure we won't forget in a hurry - M5/911Turbo/Jag XKR/Lamborghini etc. etc. he was lucky enough to passenger in them all - (BIG thanks guys) he loved it! The driving routes were absolutely fantastic and the tour was great value for money - we'll be back again! It just remains for me to get a faster car for next time!!

Roger & Ollie North
Worthing Sussex
BMW 120d

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 10th -13th 2011

Just wanted to thank you for a great weekend! We enjoyed every minute of it even the crazy early journey back home after my gearbox went on the other side of the border in France! We really appreciated the fact that even when we left the group to pick up another car we were not forgotten and even how you helped and gave us the opportunity to make up the lost day at the end of the trip, which we took and really enjoyed.

This weekend really meant a lot to me as this was the first time me and my dad were able to travel after nearly losing my dad earlier in the year with kidney problems and a celebration of my 30th birthday. All was made even better with a great group of people we were with over the course of the weekend.

Ps I think I should sell my story as I could make some cash for the Euro trip next year :-) even though at this point my car is still in Belgium and I'm in Leeds!!

Cheers once again I truly believe that mine and my Dad's was what they call a once in a lifetime experience and Dino your lucky I didn't make the go-karting as I would have shown you all how it was done :-) It was a pleasure to have your company too! You're a top lad cheers!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention a huge thank you to my girlfriend who helped and paid for the weekend :-)

Lee Miller
Focus ST (broken gearbox!) > Mazda RX-7

Organised Tour May 21st - 24th 2010

Just a quick word to thank you again for the tour over the weekend, it was brilliant fun, and although the 'ring was what it was all about, driving around the countryside was a real eye opener and just as good.

Thanks for everything, I hope the weather stays dry for you and that the next group are better at keeping you in the bar all night than we were!!

Best wishes

Chris Hobbs
Morgan Aero 8

Organised Tour May 21st - 24th 2010

Just a quick note to say thanks for an excellent weekend and it's a credit to your organisation that things went so well.

I will pass your details on to some friends who are now considering a similar tour later in the year

Please keep me up to date with any tours you run and also if you run another Spa tour this year I will be in.

Thanks again

Paul Smith
BMW e46 M3 SMG

Organised Tour May 28th - 31st 2010

Thanks very much for a great trip and all your help, particularly with sorting out the sailing from rotterdam rather than zeebrugge.

All the best

Steven Morrow
Lotus Cortina

Organised Tour May 21st - 24th 2010

As promised here are the line-up pictures we took last Saturday.

I have to say thanks again for what was an amazing weekend!

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable one this weekend too.

All the best,

Matt Surrey
BMW 535d

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

Thank you for organising a fantastic trip - I really enjoyed myself and felt that it was so well organised, had such a good mix of ring time and other ring associated excursions and the steak on a stone was awesome!

It was really good to meet you too and we were lucky to have such a good group who got on well with each other. I will be more than happy to recommend this trip to other guys I know who have been thinking about doing the trip.

Speak soon and thanks again,

Fahad Karamat
BMW e46 M3

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

Thank you for a truly memorable weekend at Nurburg. Adam has not stopped talking about it since our return. I think he's got the 'bug'!

You managed to pack a lot into the weekend without us ever feeling rushed, and we met a great bunch of people who all shared a love of cars.

The only downside was our football team letting us all down on Sunday.......I guess we'll all remember where we were on that day!

Vielen Dank !

Mark & Adam Peters
Toyota MR2

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

I just wanted to thank you for what was an absolutely brilliant trip. You did a cracking job!


Rory O'Connor
Mazda MX-5

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

I just wanted to thank you for organising such an enjoyable trip. The whole thing was excellent. Ivan enjoyed it very much too. My misses is fed up of hearing about it!


Dave Urpeth
Mercedes C63 AMG

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

I just wanted to say Thank you for a fantastic trip. It was a very well organized ,fun filled weekend.

I must do it again soon.

Graham and Eric

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

Just to say that was a fantastic few days at the ''ring'' the Dorint hotel was a bit special too! Hope to join you again later this year, thanks a lot mate - BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!!

Roger North
120d MSport

May 15th - 18th 2009

"The Nurburgring is a legendary, overwhelming and dangerous place. To try and tackle the many rules, traditions and regulations on your own is a daunting task. Having The Nurburgring Experience with us was like having a best friend or family member on hand to show us the ropes - from where to rent a race car, where to fuel up and where to have a great dinner with a bunch of other petrol heads.

Their super friendly and helpful attitude made the experience fun, memorable and stress free allowing us to get the most out of the time that we were there. We feel that we've made friends with fellow enthusiasts that could last a lifetime. We will be back as soon as we can!

Del and Christine
Beverly Hills, CA
BMW e36 M3 RaceCar Rental

May 15th - 18th 2009

"I've been to the Nurburgring many times and for over 15 years now, but the excellent, yet relaxed and friendly service I received from Dino & The Nurburgring Experience was a revelation.

There was an excellent standard to the hotels, ferry crossings and evening meals chosen and their access to hard-to-book events like the Ring Taxi and TrackWalks was very impressive.

I will definitely be appointing The Nurburgring Experience to organise all my future 'ring trips from now onwards."

David Yu
Managing Editor
Nissan GT-R R35

June 12th - 15th 2009

"Dino I just want to say thank you for an amazing weekend away at the Nurburgring. The drive there was really enjoyable and stress free and I especially liked the twisty country lanes as it is often forgotten how beautiful the region is.

The welcome at the hotel was superb and I think everyone felt very comfortable and at home very quickly. The weekend was a lot of fun and I must say I have not laughed so much in ages! The restaurants we visited were all superb, I especially enjoyed the night out in Adenau.

The other highpoints were the Nordschleife laps and also the TrackWalk. Listening to the guys after their "Ring Taxi" ride with Sabine Schmitz was hilarious, the VLM racing was breathtaking and again the great food (maybe I ate a little too much - diet starts now!!!)

Last but not least the company (and the beer!) was superb. Will try and wangle another trip hopefully this year, a couple of the other guys from the group were making similar noises too.

Many thanks again it was a superb break and all your hard work was much appreciated."

Mark Koeberle
Porsche 944 Turbo

June 12th - 15th 2009

"My first trip to the Nurburgring was made very enjoyable with Dino, the hotel was great and he is knowledgeable of the local area and everything Nurburgring. My time at the Nurburgring was a great experience and I would recommend this trip to anyone"

Richard Shorrock
Peugeot 205 GTi

27th June - 1st July 2009

Having done a "Self Drive" holiday with a bunch of my friends, I wanted to say that the Guesthouse that you arranged and the advice you gave us about the journey over and the 'ring itself was faultless. Those who decided to go it alone didn't save much money at all and had a lot more hassle than we did sorting things out. You helped me make what could have been just a lads holiday into one that my whole family could enjoy.

It was a pleasure dealing with you and The Nurburgring Experience! Rest assured the next time we go to the Nurburgring (which we will) you will be our only port of call.

Once again, many thanks.

Imran Umar
Mitsubishi EVO X

Spa/Nurburgring Tour - May 2015

Just a quick note of the most sincere thanks. We came from Canada for a day at Spa, a day driving thru the Germany countryside and a day at Nurburgring. There isn't one guy in our group of 8 that didn't think that any one of those three days were worth the entire trip price. Each day was an over-the-top spectacular experience.

I would also like to commend Phil as a driving instructor. I've raced cars for years, and even done some instructing myself, but Phil was the best instructor I've ever sat with. His track knowledge and ability to deliver really insightful tips was greatly appreciated.

We'll definitely be back for another trip one day. A most sincere thank you to yourself, Phil and Jo. The three of you made the trip an exceptional life experience and we couldn't have been happier and can't wait to come back.

Brian Bourne
Toronto, Canada

Nurburgring Organised Tour - May 2015

What a great trip!

I organised this for Simon as a birthday present and I don't think we could have picked a better way to experience the Nurburgring for our first time, and I quote Simon when I say "My best weekend away EVER!" Don't think I have ever actually seen him smile so much in one weekend (even with the little last last "hiccup"! - sorry for spoiling your clean record Dino!!)

Everything was organised but not over organised and everyone was catered for, even the strict feeding times of two growing boys! The accommodation was great and Claudia and Sebastian were the perfect hosts. The group of people were great too with some great banter and shared experiences. All in all the weekend totally exceeded my expectations not least by me driving the track twice myself and surviving! I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone, first timers and the more experienced alike. I have no doubt you'll probably be seeing us again Dino...... next time we'll try not to make you too nervous!

Simon and Suzy Wright
BMW 330i

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour - Oct 2014

Just a quick note to thank you for putting on a great trip/adventure this weekend.

Dad and I had a great time and it was such a shame that Sunday became too foggy to get out, (I'm sure you guys had fun in the surrounding areas anyway).

Anyway, hope everyone made it home ok and I've definitely got the 'Green Hell' bug so I'll be sorting another Nurburgring trip with yourself for next year, and I do fancy the Riviera trip too in late 2015.

Ordered the Playstation, got 6 months to become a little more familiar with the best track I've ever driven!

Best regards and thanks again,

Jim Abbatt
Audi R8

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – July 2014

Just to say many thanks for a wonderful 4 days. Went well passed our expectations.

From your very detailed itinerary before the off, your words of wisdom on how to approach our laps of the ring (All totally ignored by my co-pilot of course!! We can blame Sebastian for that) your knowledge of the area was of great value to us newcomers to the Nurburgring, fully appreciated during the course of the tour.

We would have no hesitation on recommending "THE NURBURGRING EXPERIENCE"

Once again thank you. We will be back!!

Jeffrey & Ruaridh

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – May 2014

We had a great time on the Nurburgring tour organised by Dino. Every detail was taken care of and he has some excellent knowledge of the best local roads for a spirited drive. Accommodation was great with secure parking. We had some fantastic meals out and the rest of the group were a superb bunch. Can't wait to go back and drive the 'ring again.

We stopped off at the Michael Schumacher karting centre on the way out which was excellent. Although Dino needs to brush up on his Karting skills as he was lagging behind the rest of the group :-)

All in all, highly recommended!

Jon & Shari
Porsche Boxster

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – May 2014

I would just like to say, that I have had the best time I can ever remember on the Nurburgring tour, it was very well executed with the driving through the hills and countryside on Saturday the best fun I have had in years, great call to give the track a miss when it was closed and enjoy the roads whilst we waited.

I have already talked to the Wife and I am sure we will be seeing you very soon, as we are thinking of joining you on the Alpine run.

Once again, thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

All the best

Ian Austin
Mercedes SL55 AMG

The Alpine Run - July 2013

I thought I'd write something to give an insight to others on what to expect not just from the tour but the whole experience.

I booked the tour originally many months back and truth be told I was a little apprehensive. I didn't know the organisers or anyone on the trip but I knew others had previously been so did wonder whether the 'experience' would be more of a solo individual one. All I could say at this point was the communication was quick and any queries I had sufficiently answered promptly no complaints on this side of proceedings.

So onto the tour, We received our itineraries and met up at some services well placed to get to the crossing to France it was here I was greeted with many other petrol heads with common interests, any concerns I had with regards to fitting in were quickly extinguished as the common ground chat about 'cars' began and I quickly felt I was amongst new friends. Whilst we chatted you could feel a sense of excitement building surrounding the events about to occur over the next few days and off we set after a briefing.

Now if I was to write daily events, highlights, mishaps and what not I could write a book but all I'll say as the trip progressed the friendships grew, the banter on the walkie-talkies was very amusing and there were plenty of funny occurrences. The Schumacher Karting experience was another chance for people to chat and bond and the venue and day was brilliant. By the end of Day one I felt as if I was out with a local group of friends to me the experience centred on the tour and cars but the 'experience' is much more enjoyable when you're in a group of people you get along with and can share laughs with.

As the trip progressed the views were breath taking, the roads were brilliant and exhilarating to drive but I did experience a slight 'brake mishap' where I cooked my fluids. Group members kindly offered support but I let them continue on to not be a burden but it was pleasing I knew if any issues occurred I'd have support from others should it arise. Once cooled I progressed on and this issue didn't hinder me anymore for the remainder of the trip.

Over the next few days it was full of more laughs, banter to those that took wrong turns, stories of experiences others had during the trip and from my point of view even the little things that perhaps weren't great actually made the trip all that more memorable. Anyone who had the vegetarian option on Day 3 at the hotel that is a smell that reminds me why I'm not a vegetarian the banter that evening was certainly memorable.

My insight to the trip I know has been more regarding events and occurrences but that's because to me it was my 'experience' the roads don't really require that much introduction, the scenery is breath taking what you see and where you drive is unrivalled to anywhere I've ever been it's quite simply amazing. I came to Nurburgring UK for an experience and that's what I got. I made new friends and had a fantastic time and felt it was well structured. I guess it's the age old question would you go again then... well in truth; yes. I would and I plan to take part in another trip next year. The roads were amazing the people just as equal and it made the experience fantastic.

Andy Koronowski
Nissan GT-R

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

Hi Dino, thanks for a great trip ! The content of the tour was nicely varied which kept it flowing and the driving pace was exhilarating. It gave us all a chance to drive our cars to the limit and the guys on the tour were all like minded, which helped the camaraderie. The extra bits like the karting, behind the scenes at the ring and the Spa track walk prior to going on track all added to the whole experience. A great time, new friends made and I would definitely consider another trip in the future

Great trip, great bunch of guys, it's a pleasure to have met you all. I have never driven quite like that before !! Thanks to Mandeep for putting the original post up on M3cutters and to Dino and The Nurburgring Experience for organising a fantastic event! I may be the oldest but I still had the fun of a twenty year old, hope to do it again, hopefully see some of you at Gaydon BMW Show. My car went into the paint shop yesterday with ''old git'' on the back along with ''I love Wafik'' and ''I wish I had 600 BHP'' written all over it, much to the amusement of the body shop manager! Mandeep's car looked a picture with the sticky numbers flapping off the rear lower panel, ha ha!!

Kim Wheeler
BMW e92 M3 ESS

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

Thanks for a great time guys you all made the trip extra special, and thanks to Dino for organising a great event, would just like to know who fired the shot gun at my bumper! It's wrecked and definitely going to need a paint job!! Gave it one good blast on the way home through the Dartford tunnel but it's not the same on your own though. Here's to next time and bring on some more rain!

Steve ‘dass' Farrington
BMW e46 M3 SMG

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

As said by the others awesome trip, awesome company to be with and awesome organising by Dino.

I'm still buzzing!

Hardeep ‘Vic' Chehal
BMW e92 M3

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

First day back for me too. Really suffering from holiday blues. Think my wife is bored of listening to stories about the trip and has noticed that my mind is elsewhere. Wish I was back on tour as I haven't had so much fun in a long time. I actually think it is the best thing i have ever done! The Black Forest, Grand Ballon, Spa GP Circuit, Porsche Museum and Go Karting at the Schumacher Center were awesome! In fact the drive down to Nurburg was awesome too!

I totally agree with Alex. Had it not have been for the people on the trip this wouldn't have been half as much fun.

Can't wait for next year's tour!

Mandeep ‘F16RCE' Heer
BMW e92 M3 DCT
Barnet, Herts

M3 Cutters forum ‘4 Nations Tour' - July 2012

I'm now back at my desk in the office - not sure if the last few days were real or not! What an epic trip, a number of bucket list items ticked off in just a couple of days :) Dino - many thanks for putting this trip together, photos, videos to come in next week or so. I cannot think of anything that is better fun or value for money. I'm so glad I came along as I was sitting on the fence for sometime and am so glad I was persuaded!

To everyone that attended, although the activities we did provided maximum excitement and enjoyment, the rest of the guys made the trip. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future: whether at future Nurburgring Experience events, or M3cutters things or just around London.

The car went into the dealer yesterday, stickers and all :) I got a call from the mechanic and he was interested in how the car got on! He then gave it a clean bill of health believe it or not!

Alex Patersen
BMW e92 M3 DCT
Richmond, Surrey

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – October 2012

It was a magnificent experience, the Nurburgring Experience Tour was worth every cent. Being from Trinidad, the closest experience to the Nurburgring track I had was through Gran Turismo, so bring that to life and experiencing the real deal was outstanding. The variety of cars is like nowhere I've ever experienced.

The entire package was well planned and I loved the sprints through the scenic landscapes. Germany is an amazing place and I couldn't have imagined a better way to see it the way you guys have put together this experience.

I am very satisfied and would definitely come back again. I highly recommend the Nurburgring Experience to anyone who is a race track and car enthusiast. You will not regret it.

Rishanand Chanderbally
Subaru Impreza RB5
Trinidad & Tobago

Nurburgring Experience Organised Tour – October 2012

Just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend showing us around The Nurburgring, we loved every minute. There were some great people on the trip, I highly recommend it to anyone into their cars or bikes and even those that aren't!

Thanks again

John Saunders
Mercedes AMG SL55

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 10th -13th 2011

Once again many thanks for your organisation for the trip. We really enjoyed the excellent driving routes though Europe, a proper test of man and machine working together.

Alex and me will have hours of stories to tell!

Donald Harris
Maserati Quattroporte

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 10th -13th 2011

Thanks for organising such a great weekend. James and I had a fabulous time, we are still buzzing about it. I even think that 5% of me now likes to drive fast in cars! The tour is a thoroughly enjoyable weekend from beginning to end and gives you the opportunity to meet likeminded car enthusiasts, and before you know it, you have bonded as a group, whilst enjoying activities together to suit everyone. It's also suitable for both couples or groups of friends, and whoever you go with, you are guaranteed to have 100% fun, and meet some great people.

We will definitely seriously consider the 4 Nations Tour for next year.

Thanks for everything …it was really good!

Helen Pippard & James Cowley
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-S

FIA Formula 1 Grand Prix, Nurburgring Tour 21st – 25th July 2011

We have now arrived back from our trip to the Nurburgring, we both enjoyed ourselves so much we wished that we could have stayed longer!

What a great time we had, thank you for organising the long weekend it has been the best trip we have ever had to a F1 GP.

We cannot speak too highly of our stay at Hotel Burgstube and the hospitality of both Martin and Heidi who both did more than expected to make our visit a tremendous success.

Roy and Andrew Goodwin

Nurburgring Experience '100' June 25th - 28th 2010

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the best holiday I've ever had!!! Well organised and the track was awesome!!!

Thanks again

Steven Moon
Ford Fiesta

VW Scirocco rental - July 11th 2010

Just to let you know we had a great (and safe) trip. Theo and Heidi were incredibly friendly and helpful, the car was great and really glad I did it can honestly say though I've never been as relieved in my life to be handing back a hire car in 1 piece :)

The sedate jaunt in the minibus round the ring (as I thought) was one of the highlights of the trip, Theo took 4 of us round the track in the 'bus absolutely fantastic experience

Thanks for your help

Damian Harper

PS - just reread what I said regards the minibus and what I meant was I thought it would be a sedate jaunt but it was anything but that! We were hurtling round the ring and shitting ourselves but it was a great laugh. I don't think we got overtook by anything for the entire lap!!!

Nurburgring 'GT100' Trackday - September 15th 2010

John and I had a great day thanks.

We have been quite a few times before, originally with Wheeltorque, then RMA, also once with the MSA. It was very well marshalled, and I felt there were more marshalls than on previous trips. We will definitely come again especially if the numbers are kept low.

Mike Jopp
West Sussex

Nurburgring 'GT100' Trackday - September 15th 2010

Hi Dino

Sorry we never got the chance to actually meet but thank you for arranging everything, we had the most amazing time (we managed a lap time in 11 minutes and managed to get up to 175mph on the end straight) Great fun!

Mark may very well be tempted to join you in April/May 2011 so will be in touch accordingly.

Emily Bowden
Porsche 997 GT3 RS

Nurburgring 'GT100' Trackday - September 15th 2010

Hi Dino

Just needed to say thank you for ANOTHER great few days away. It's the second time this year at the Nurburgring with your company - looking forward to the next one! Excellent package all round - hassle free - pay & play!! Loved it!

Mark may very well be tempted to join you in April/May 2011 so will be in touch accordingly.

Roger North
BMW 120d MSport

Nurburgring 'GT100' Trackday - September 15th 2010


What a fabulous time we had!! I've been meaning to write but as soon as we got back we headed off to Paul Ricard because we have a friend racing in the Superstars GT Sprint series. Of course now that I am a 'ring veteran I felt qualified to give him a few tips!! HAHA!

Andrea & I loved our time at Nurburg from start to finish and the track day was exceptional, the atmosphere is amazing. I have to admit that Ron put the fear of God into me at the safety briefing when we went to collect our Clio in the morning. Basically he told the people who were taking out the Lotus Exiges that they would probably die and those of us going the Clio route were pussies…. He definitely wanted to keep us there as long there was even the slightest hint of damp on the track!!

We really appreciated you taking us out on the track with Roger, it makes a huge difference getting a preview, thanks. I left Andrea to have his session with Martin, I had willingly accepted the pussy label and decided that being a passenger was fine by me, I would drive next year! I didn't however expect Andrea & Martin to gang up on me! I was ambushed, Martin brushed away all my excuses; "I haven't driven manual in years"…"that's OK we can stay in third all the way round", "I'm scared" … "you'll be fine"… And so it went and so did I! Like a lamb to slaughter except that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was amazing and I was so relaxed with Martin next to me, he has such a calm voice, explains so well that I was relishing my first time on a track. I was also very lucky because the session was red flagged as I was over halfway through so was pretty much alone on the track!

We definitely plan to come back and love the idea of a 'ring/Spa double whammy!! Keep me posted.

Thanks again for all your organizing and guidance, thanks to Martin - I definitely want a lesson next time too!

Lina Adeeb & Andrea Frigerio
Renault Clio Sport rental

Organised Tour October 1st - 4th 2010

I just want to thank you very much for the wonderful weekend you organised for my son Martin and his friend Dean at the beginning of October.

They thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip, including the meals and accommodation. Everything ran like clockwork and they were very impressed with the entire set-up. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who is planning to do the same. Martin certainly won't forget his 40th birthday!

Elaine Stott

Organised Tour October 1st - 4th 2010

Thank you for a wonderful time out at the Nurburgring. Both of us really had a great time. Please thank your lovely Wife for letting you spend time with the group. From start to finish was excellent except we thought we were on the 'ring at Calais!!

We also loved the trackday at Spa Francorchamps that you arranged for us - the hotel was very impressive too!

Thanks again,

Shirley & Joe Reilly
Porsche Boxster S

July 24th - 27th 2009

Just got back from the trip and had such a great weekend and big thanks to Dino.

It's reassuring going over knowing everything is booked and Dino has contacts such as garages, recovery companies, hotels, and good bars and restaurants etc

I would recommend the trips to anyone and I AM going again.

See you in a year Dino.

Matt Gibson
BMW 323i Coupe

July 24th - 27th 2009

"I wouldn't put myself down as your classic Nurburgring enthusiast. My passion being more of the four legged horse power kind rather than the four wheeled kind. However my hubby and I agreed the Nurburgring was one of those "Life Boxes" that needed a "big tick in"...and am I glad we did it.....Hell Yeah I am.

I can confidently say an absolutely fantastic time was had by all in our group. We met a really fine group of guys (yes I was the only girl there but did it matter...Hell No!). We had a socially great time throughout the whole trip, planning each day at breakie, catching up on each others experiences throughout the day & checking out each others pictures & videos during the evening.

Dino was wonderful, a real gent & made everyone feel totally welcome & comfortable. The location of our hotel was unbeatable, minutes from the 'ring in the beautiful little village of Nurburg. The restaurants were wonderful too, Argentinean steak served on a hot stone, quite honesty the best I have ever had. I would go back tomorrow for that (as long as it included a quick nip round the 'ring too of course!)

The 'ring itself is breathtaking. Emotionally draining, adrenalin pumping, twisting & turning, something I'll never forget...and will always recommend. Even if I did spend most of it on the right hand side with my indicators on!! :-) Unlike my husband who is totally hooked & rallying the troops for next years big event already!

Talking of recommendations, I would definitely go to the viewing points, great to spend the time recouping between laps & fantastic to see other's in your group go round. Dino knows them & happily takes you out to them, an opportunity not to be missed.

Of course though, the biggest recommendation is The Nurburgring Experience aka nurburgringuk.com and Dino. Our trip would have been missing so many fantastic memories without this great set up sorting us out completely.

Can't send enough thanks."

Max & Phill Edwicker
Phill's Pride & Joy Honda TypeR

August 21st - 24th 2009

Hello Dino,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your efforts, the Nurburgring is truly a must see place. You would have to visit many times to achieve what we did in a few days. Just turn up and play, all the aggravation removed.

But listen up, the 'ring is as bonkers as everyone says!!

Thanks for a seamless, hassle free trip. Return? Oh yes, roll on 2010.

Robert Newton
Yamaha Fazer 1000

June 2009 & June 2010

My friends and I booked our annual trip to Nurburgring through The Nurburgring Experience for the 2nd time this year. Dino and his contacts really take all the hassle out of organising this trip. Now with the added bonus of Spa as well it just keeps getting better.

What's even better is that the overall price is better than what we can achieve by booking it ourselves. Dino really does go the extra mile to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

I cannot recommend him and The Nurburgring Experience highly enough. You won't be disappointed.

Nigel von Tunzelman
Porsche GT3 CS

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